Back to the “Real World”

It is risky to abruptly interrupt my published story of life on the ice to announce that I have since redeployed (meaning I am back in Alaska.)  As it turns out, there were so many activities keeping me busy on the ice that I compiled quite the list of future blog posts but did not find the opportunity to write them all down.  Likewise, my journey back to Alaska has been anything but dull!

As I prepare myself for my next adventure on the Iditarod Trail (which will leave me without access to the phone or internet for the remainder of March) I feel the need to set some blogging goals for myself so that my ice experience on still gets communicated while all of my excitement and amazement is still fresh.

My goal for April and May is to finish editing and organizing my photos and backdating new blog posts to go along with them.  Please follow my blog if you haven’t already and you’ll receive an email with each new post.  I apologize in advance if you get multiple emails in one day- feel free to adjust your settings now for a “weekly update” so your inbox doesn’t get messy.  Some stories to look forward to in the upcoming months:

  • Camping on the Ross Ice Shelf  (Yes, in a tent!)
  • Touring an LC-130 Air Force Plane
  • Siple Dome: Boodoggling on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
  • What does a Steward Do?
  • Vegetarians in Antarctica
  • For the Love of Frosty Boy (The Evil Australian Ice Cream Machine That’s Won the Hearts of Thousands.)
  • The Sea Vessels of McMurdo
  • Culture Shock: Redeployment
  • 10 Days Exploring New Zealand
  • Volunteering at the White Mountain checkpoint on the Iditarod Trail
  • 10 Days of Silence: My First Vipassana Experience

These are just a few of the stories I have in store.  As much as I want to catch up quickly, I also want to take my time to enjoy sharing (and living) my story instead of rushing through it.  After all, I’m more of a journey person than a destination person.  The story will continue for you just as it is for me: slow and steady!

Last day at McMurdo, enjoying Hut Point on a beautifully clear day.
Last day at McMurdo, enjoying Hut Point on a beautifully clear day.

My stories are only as powerful as my audience.  Thank you for inspiring me to share my words- my audience is (you are) amazing!


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