Introducing: My Very Own Website!

Reconnecting with my extended family during our annual camping trip in Michigan.
Reconnecting with my extended family during our annual camping trip in Michigan.

***Update March 26th, 2016: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.  My new website was a fun project, but turned out to be too labor-intensive considering the bandwidth restrictions in Antarctica.  Because of this, I am currently attempting to find a new system that will allow me to keep the functionality of WordPress and hopefully some of the beauty of SquareSpace.  I am removing the “blog” portion of my SquareSpace site and will continue to use this site to communicate.  Thanks for sticking with me!***

So far, my summer has been spent reconnecting with loved ones, adventuring a little, and working a lot. I have so many stories and blog posts to share- all in due time.  Before sharing my experiences after such a long hiatus, I must finish my self-imposed assignment:  I am creating my own website.

Over the last couple of months, I have learned about website hosting and building.  I’ve brushed up on my HTML & CSS knowledge (Did you know my dad taught me these things when I was 7 years old?  Finally, a use!)  I’ve dipped my toes into the (very) shallow end of graphic design pool, and I’ve taken courses on personal branding, social media marketing, and community building.  I’ve even ordered my own business cards!  (And I’ve handed out three of them!)

What have I been working on?  A brand new platform for my travel blogging, writing, and photography.  Once the kinks are worked out within that website, I will post exclusively to

Wish pinterestWhy the change?  I am lucky to say that I’m growing as a writer, traveler, and professional.  My dream is to have a little piece of the internet that is all my own so that I can focus on connecting with others through self expression rather than messing around with templates that I feel disconnected from.

What can you expect?  The new website will not just focus on travel blogging, but it will also focus on alternative lifestyles: vagabonding, artistry, and community.  One of the projects I’m excited about is the “Adventure Toolbox“- a section of my site where I will share interactive printouts and how-to’s that are designed to help readers stretch out of their comfort zone and realize that every day has a little adventure in it.  The Adventure Toolbox is all about having fun and getting your hands dirty.  Now, the toolbox is empty as of this post, but I have a lot of ideas and by subscribing, you will get a nice little reminder when the ideas become reality.

How can you help? 

  • “Like” my new Facebook page!  A business Facebook page is a new endeavor for me, but it seems like the perfect way to stay in touch with my community without risking my privacy via my personal Facebook page.  Don’t be offended, I’m just trying to be responsible. 🙂
  • Contact me with any feedback or suggestions.  I mean ANYTHING.  Got an idea for the Toolbox?  Shout it out.  Did you just go somewhere cool?  Tell me about it!  I’m still forming a routine to ensure I’m responding in a timely matter, but no matter what, I guarantee that an email from you will make me smile.  (And we can all use more smiles!)  Emails from you keep me going, they light my fire, they get me thinking.  Please get in touch!
  • Lastly, sit tight.  Content will be on the new site soon, and it’ll be worth the wait.

Thanks for subscribing and for sticking with me through these changes- enjoy your summer, find some adventure.  You’ll hear from me soon!

All the Best,


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