Back to Ice: A Second Season in Antarctica

Summer screeched by in a colorful blur.  Between rendezvous with friends and reunions with family, it seemed to go by in nothing flat.  Next thing I know, I am here- in a hotel in Christchurch, New Zealand and waiting for the Antarctic storms to calm enough to squeeze a C17 onto the frozen ice shelf near McMurdo.

When returning from the ice last season, I found myself dealing with a long adjustment period.  I could feel time ticking by while I was stateside and my instinct was to do everything I could to grasp the hands of the clock and slow it down so I could sip up every bit of warmth and greenery.

With a renewed sense of calm and acceptance about my return to Antarctica, I am now in the New Zealand springtime, ready to see what Ross Island has in store for a no-longer-“FNG” who already misses home.

Although I am still behind on posting photos and stories from last season and this summer, I have yet to figure out how to time travel so I can catch up on my writing.  Instead, I will keep telling this story the best way I know how: continue on and fill in the blanks where I can.

It’s time for my 2nd season on ice!




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