Not Dead Yet!

Photo: Exploring the Erebus Ice Caves (Kaleigh Hinkley on Facebook)

For those of you who don’t know, I made a valiant attempt to switch from WordPress to Squarespace this summer.  Of course, this led to the dwindle (and eventual sizzle) of blog posts.  No documentation of an amazing summer, no updates on my adventures on the ice.  What happened!?

Well, the migration did not go as smoothly as expected.  My ideal would be to merge the WordPress blog platform with the rest of my Squarespace site (Does anybody know how to do this?  Please!  Teach me your secrets!)

Until I get back to non-Antarctic bandwidth, I’ve changed my means of communication to something that doesn’t make my head spin with logistics.

My public Facebook page ( has served as a wonderful platform to share the occasional photos, short stories, and fun facts.  These posts are also acting as place holders for future blog posts (once those icy kinks go away.)

Looking for something more visual?  Check out my Instagram!  My goal is to draw a line between information (Facebook) and visual aesthetics (Instagram).  Some posts cross over, but each page has something that the other doesn’t.  (

Sea-soaked leather gloves drying off after a day of line handling.  (@stillkaleigh on Instagram)

If you enjoy the posts from this blog, please check out (and follow/like/whatevs) my other pages and continue to be patient.  Also, please share my pages with your friends!  Word of mouth is how I roll.

Eventually, this whole internetmess will blend together into a pretty sweet collection.  I’m sure of it.

More stories & more adventures to come!
(Hint:  New Zealand hikes & Southeast Alaska by boat!)

Sending love from the South.


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